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Clashindarroch Forest, Huntly Aberdeensire

This is the best snow-holding forest in the UK and there are specially laid out trails for cross-country skiers.


Over the summer months you may use this area for walking or cycling but be aware that the trails are set out with skiing in mind, rather than for other activities.


In the winter, the Clashindarroch Forest provides some of the best snow holding trails in the UK and is well pisted by the volunteer trail cutters from the Huntly Nordic Ski Club. The forest averages 45 days of skiing each year although in 2011/12 and 2012/13, the forest had over 100 days of skiing.


The "Haute Route" takes you through the forest on to the path along the top ridge giving you great views over the surrounding hills. The main route is 10k, but there are many short cuts on and off it.  Also not to be missed is the "Rollercoaster" which is just that through a forest ride - good fun, but not for those looking for style.


Parking is off the A941 Rhynie to Dufftown road (please park neatly to allow snow ploughs to keep the main road clear).


In the winter, for ski hire and/or lessons you should contact the Huntly Nordic and Outdoor Centre on 01466 794428, visit for further details or click here.

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Glenmore Trails, Aviemore

Glenmore Ski trails are provided by the Glenmore Cross Country Ski Machine.  This is run as a charity to provide professional ski tracks in Glenmore Forest near Aviemore for the use of all xc skiers.   For further details on conditions and ski hire visit  Aviemore and Glenmore Snowsports. (click here)

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