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All the squads that make up the British Nordic Ski Team with the exception of the Elite Squad and Home Nations Performance Pathway are managed and run by BNDS (British Nordic Development Squad). BNDS has an agreement in place with GB Snowsport to allow BNDS to run these teams. Nordic skiing is a minority discipline and all four Snowsports Home Nations work together within the BNDS umbrella structure in the interests of the sport.


BNDS operates a Child Protection Policy which is in line with Snowsport Scotland's guidelines, National & Local Authority guidance and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) guidance. A copy of the policy is available by contacting BNDS.


BNDS fully subscribes to the Scottish Executive's Child Protection programme and the Scottish Executive Publication “National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland" - 2014.


All children, whatever their race, sex, beliefs and physical and mental abilities, have the right to grow up unharmed, to have the opportunity to develop fully and to have their basic needs met. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure children and young people are protected from harm both hidden and visible.


BNDS has a pastoral responsibility towards children and young people. Coaches and volunteers further the personal and social development of children and young people. BNDS has an identified Wellbeing and Protection Officer to whom Coaches and parent helpers must refer all Child Protection issues. The Wellbeing and Protection Officer's responsibility is to take these concerns forward appropriately making all necessary referrals and for ensuring individual cases are followed up appropriately.



Vice Chair:



Wellbeing & Protection:



Parent Representative:

Athlete Representative:

​BNDS Pathway Coach:

Posy Musgrave

Caroline Ipsen

Julie Horsfall

Josie Forth

Claire Somerset

Stine Strachan

​Naomi Dargie

Greg Barnes

Hannah McHugh

Jordan Andrews


British Nordic Development Squad (BNDS) takes all available positive actions and special measures to ensure that no participant (athlete, official, coaching scheme member or volunteer person in any other capacity) is in any way discriminated against or subject to any form of harassment or abuse by virtue of their age, ethnicity, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disability, skiing discipline or personal circumstances.


It is the aim of BNDS to ensure that all present and potential members receive fair and equitable treatment.

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