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pathway athletes

This squad is made up of various development levels depending on where they are on the performance pathway.  This group includes many advanced athletes who are at University and College as well as Development Groups at the beginning of their British Nordic adventure.

2023/24 GROUPS

Advanced/Youth Group:
Titus Clark
Ida Ewald

Hannah McHugh

Will Hughes

Jakob Ipsen

Jack Somerset

Connel Foster

Jake Blane

Toby Dunnet

Haakon Tveit

Ewan McAdam

Rasmus Ipsen

Luke Nicholls

Sophie Forth

Elspeth Cruickshank

Logan Duncan


Breakthrough Group:

Jack Rauscher

Ellis Simpson


Core Group:

Rebecca Dargie

Ben Kedward

Oliver Shurmer

Matthew Hand

Hugh Gilliand

Robert Bate

Annabelle Medler

Noah Barnes

Phoebe Sykes

Ella Ford

Hamish Ball

Aiden Grant

Astrid Ipsen

Luke Gilliand

Development Group:

Gwen Somerset

Michael Jarrett

Luke Evans

Jonas Schneider

Thorsten Ball

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