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British Nordic welcomes athletes to join the Development Squad from the ages of 12 to 18.


Entry to the squad is on recommendation of the athlete’s club coaches and by invitation from the British Nordic Pathway Coach.  Interested athletes not associated with a club may be invited to attend a training camp first.


Training groups are based on age and on ability:


  • Development: for new members and younger skiers put forward by their club
  • Youth Squad: generally for age 15 and above
  • Junior: up to age 23 years, group selection based on FIS points


The lower age limit of 12 has been set for the following reasons:


  • Below 12 there is likely to be too big an ability gap within the training group to reasonably resource with coaches
  • As a voluntary organisation British Nordic cannot resource pastoral care over such a wide age range
  • Below 12 the skier is recommended to enjoy a wide range of sports
  • Below 12 the skier is expected to be enjoying the support of a local club


The upper age limit of 18 has been set for the following reasons:


  • Above 18 it is regrettably unlikely that a development skier will reach the race standards which
    British Nordic athletes aspire too
  • Above 18 the maturity gap amongst skiers on camps becomes too great to reasonably manage


Entry into the Team is usually into the Development Group, with training and an introduction to international racing allowing 
athletes to progress along the pathway.


An important aim of the Development Squad is to identify athletes with the potential for development as international skiers.  The Squad will develop each member’s skiing and sporting skills in a fair and supportive way through sub-division based on skill, fitness and direction.

We are always on the lookout for new skiers to join BNDS! If you are interested in joining, please get in touch.

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