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2015/16 Squads Announced

This week there has also been confirmation from British Ski and Snowboard’s Nordic Selection Committee of the 2015/16 squads, which can be seen below. 


Elite Squad

Andrew Musgrave

Andrew Young

Callum Smith

Annika Taylor


Performance Squad

Fiona Hughes 


Senior Squad

James Clugnet

Sarah Hale

Duncan Gibb 


Invited to train:  Sam Cairns, Fern Cates, Gregor Young


Junior Squad

Beth Maclean


Youth Squad

Zander Bohle

Angus Duncan

Lynne Gray

Charlie Harrigan

Brodie Murray

Oliver Newman

Fergus Newman

Jack Nicholls

Felix Roberts

Flossie Roberts


Invited to train:  Peter Gibb, Susan Massie

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